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1) All excusable absences must be cleared by telephone call or a note from the parent/guardian within 72 hrs (3 days) of the student's return.

2) Medical Note.  No more than 3 consecutive days of absence can be cleared for medical reasons.  A Doctor's note must be provided for more than 3 consecutive days.

3) Off Grounds Passes for Appointments.  If the parent/guardian is aware of the appointment in advance, PLEASE send a note with the student which indicates the date, time, and reason for leaving. Student must bring the note to the attendance office before school starts in the morning. The student will then be issued a note to show to their teacher during the appropriate period.  The note will minimize interruptions to the classroom during class time. 

Attendance Clerk
Wendy Takata                                                             
Phone: (510) 723-3870 Ext. 9