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School Rules

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Parent/Guardian attendance at a school climate meeting is required for the first infraction of the following rules (red slip). Students will be placed on in-school suspension until the meeting occurs: 

1. BE SAFE: Students may not use or be in possession of any object that can be construed as a weapon such as matches, real or play guns, or real or play knives. Students may not leave the classroom or campus at any time without prior permission.  E.C. 48900 (m) 

2. BE RESPECTFUL WITH YOUR ACTIONS: No physical attempts to or actual causing of serious harm (pushing, tripping, hitting, biting, kicking, choking, or threatening neither verbal nor nonverbal) to another person. No stealing or destroying property.  Graffiti will not be tolerated.   E.C. 48900 (a) and 48915 (a)  

3. BE RESPECTFUL WITH YOUR WORDS: No serious defiance and/or talking back to adults.  No gender or racial slurs, sexual harassment or other serious disruptions.  E.C. 48900 (k), 48908 C.C.R. Title 5 Section 300 

4. CONSIDER OTHER PEOPLE’S FEELINGS: No threatening (verbal or nonverbal).  No put downs, no rude language/gestures, no spitting, no gossiping or spreading rumors.  E.C. 48900 (a) and 48915 (a) E.C. 48900 (k), 48908 C.C.R. Title 5 Section 300 E.C. 48900 (i)

Parent attendance is required at a school climate meeting on the THIRD infraction of any of the following rules (pink slip). Students will also be placed on in-school suspension until this meeting occurs:

5. PROMOTE LEARNING: No disrupting the class or chronic complaining.  At recess, freeze at the bell and walk on the black top.  After the bell rings, water fountains and restrooms are off limits. Cell phones and other electronic devices are allowed before and after school. Cell phones must be turned off during class and left in backpacks. 

6. CLASSROOM & PLAYGROUND BEHAVIOR:  No yelling or running in rooms or halls. No cutting in line.  No eating on playground or gum chewing on campus.  Follow all playground and multipurpose room rules.  E.C. 48900 (k), (f), (h)  

7. PLAY RESPONSIBLY: No play fighting (hitting, pushing or kicking).  No throwing of inappropriate objects.  E.C. 48900 (k), 48908 C.C.R. Title 5 Section 300 

8. COME ON TIME AND LEAVE ON TIME: Do not come late to school (two or more tardies in one week results in a Pink Slip).  Do not stay on school grounds after school is over.  Do not leave classrooms, designated areas, or school grounds without permission.  E.C. 48908 C.C.R. Title 5 Section 300 and P.C. 653 g 

9. SHHH, QUIET VOICES: No loud talking or yelling in the halls, classrooms, or multipurpose room.  E.C. 48900 (k), 48908 C.C.R Title 5 Section 300    

10. WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: No inappropriate clothing or shoes.  No wearing hats or hoods in class.  E.C. 35183 (a-1, 2, 3); 48900 (k) 

NOTE: Per Education Code, the severity of the behavior may warrant consequence beyond those outlined for pink or red slips.